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CFSG takes the lead in adopting a 10G highway-ring connect to support the new mobile trading application. The ultra-low latency network connectivity utilizes dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) technology to link up with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx).


We adopt High-availability (HA) clusters to enable server support for trading activities amidst urgent market conditions. The new mobile trading platform is powered by React Native, an open source technology built and supported by the Facebook community.


The 2-factor authentication (2FA) service on CFSG's trading platform is provided by Daon, a global leader in multi-factor authentication technologies. Both Visa and Mastercard adopted Daon's biometric identification solutions. The 2FA on our trading platforms enables users to enjoy a safe trading experience, with the highest level of security, reliability and confidentiality.

Leading the Market

The first broker in Hong Kong to apply the Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to mobile trading application.

Creating an Industry Breakthrough

Adopting NASA patented technology—EMD, and introducing EMD-Candlestick to the stock markets.

A.I. Alert

Artificial intelligence was deployed to analyze more than 8.2 billion stock-related data. The performance of stock price prediction has been significantly improved after utilizing noise reduction technique of EMD. Technical indicators were generated from the clean data. After applying deep learning in analyzing the technical indicators, the new trading application will notify the user of the stocks with a higher expected movement in share price.

Stock Trading

The buy/sell transaction simply requires 3 steps. CFSG can process trade orders up to 0.8 milliseconds.

Market Information

To enable users to rapidly respond to changing market trends and to catch the best trading opportunities, Alpha i provides Real-time Quote for Hong Kong Stocks, Real-time Index Quote, 24-hour Financial News, Top 20, A vs H Shares and Industry Information to users.

Customizable Watchlist

Users are able to personalize their Watchlists according to their investment preferences. Alpha i supports emoji, so that users are free to use emoji to name their Watchlists.

Price Alert

In response to the dynamics of stock markets, this free alert function supports users to keep track of timely investment opportunities in spite of the daily routine.

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